DMEF Collegiate ECHO Direct/Interactive Marketing Challenge

For one of my marketing project, we have to participate in the DMEF Marketing Challenge as a group project.

The Challenge is to create an integrated marketing campaign for Delia’s brand using all direct/interactive marketing channels available which includes print catalog, web site, retail stores, web based marketing channels, as well as social and mobile platforms, to expand brand presence and awareness among target customers with a particular focus on introducing the brand to 12-14 year olds.

We had to work on a budget of $500,000 and a tight timeline, and at the same time, we had to manage other classes and projects.

After a full semester’s hard work, I gained an extensive understanding for creating an integrated marketing campaign. Including  conducting marketing research, formulating the marketing strategy, developing the media plan, brainstorming  ideas for creative strategy, executing the creative strategy (designing posters and banner ad, and making the video commercial), allocating the budget for each media campaign metric, and calculating return on investment projections.